Month: November 2017

Be Intentional

Here’s how one family raised $250 for the 5Box challenge. (What is the 5Box Challenge?)
written by Misty, a 5Box Challenge fundraiser
My daughter turned 12 this month and asked her friends to help us with the 5box challenge instead of buying her a gift. We also hosted a Men’s Breakfast & Bible study in our home for our church. The girls told those men what we were doing and put out a bucket for donations. Then, we finished up by going around to our neighbors and giving homemade cookies to those that gave donations.
My prayer for my girls is that they will always see the opportunities God puts before us and not just have good intentions to ‘stand’ for a cause…but actually ‘do’ something. I pray they will look back and remember that’s what our family did and what they should do in their own way as well.
In this world where our children are so blessed and truly need nothing, I feel like it is even more difficult to mold them into the servants God intends them to be. There are so many distractions and ideas about who is most important. (ME, ME, ME) There is always something waiting to fill our time and hearts.
It’s difficult for busy parents to stay on track too. So, as I try not to beat myself up about not doing enough, I realize we can all do a little more. I pray for opportunities to serve others and for the wisdom to see those opportunities. I am convinced I don’t always see them…but attempting to keep that focus definitely helps.
There are so many things families can do to encourage, and mold the children God has blessed them with, even from a very young age. We just have to remember that even though we can’t all do the big things -mission trips, organize a highly successful fundraiser, etc…we can do something…and those ‘little somethings’ help too. I also try to remember  while participating in those ‘little something’s’, it’s important to stay focused on MY goal-raising MY children. We can all get caught up in even the good things and get side tracked. We have them at home for just a little while.
The main thing I recommend is to Be Intentional.
Would you like to bring a smile to a child facing medical challenges?  We invite you to join the 5Box Challenge.

Arden’s Story

written by Heather, a mom in our Sunshine Community
As a mother, you always want to give your children the world. Being a special needs parent, I strive not only to give my daughter Arden the best, but I also try my best to give her every opportunity to feel included – to feel special. One day I stumbled upon a post on Facebook in a support group that I am a part of. In this particular post it mentioned that their child received this amazing “sunshine box” and how happy it made her child. Curious, I went to the “Sunshine Box Project” as it was then called to see what it was all about. I instantly loved what I was reading and the positivity of this organization. I signed Arden up to receive a Sunshine Box.
Soon a box showed up at our door. It was Arden’s Sunshine Box. I helped her open it as she needs assistance and everything inside was absolutely perfect! She was smiling from ear to ear and you could tell she felt special – important. In that moment, as a mother my heart melted and I was hooked on what a small gesture could do to someone’s spirit.
All you need is one person to spark that inspiration and from there on its contagious. I can’t thank “Spreading Sunshine” (what they are now named) enough for starting this initiative. Life can definitely be tough. It can be hard and scary in the realm of having a child that is special needs and/or medically fragile. To have something so simple and easy to do bring so much love and happiness to these amazing children is one of the greatest gifts a parent can receive.
Kindness is contagious.
Why not join something that is actually doing good in this crazy world? I can’t recommend it enough and I can guarantee that your life will never be the same. Whether you choose to be a sponsor for a child or you are a parent and see your child’s face light up when their box arrives, to the possibility for an extended support system and friendship to form – you can’t go wrong!
D.M. Dellinger said it best, “You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own…” so be the change you wish to see in the world because there’s no day like today!”
You can help bring a smile to a child’s face. Donate today!

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