Authorization for Background Check

Authorization for Release of Information

I hereby authorize Spreading Sunshine to conduct personal reference and police record inquiries to determine my acceptability for volunteer service. I authorize Spreading Sunshine and its agents to procure and/or investigate my background, character or reputation, including but not limited to information as to my social security number verification, criminal record, and/or other public record history. I authorize all persons to fully disclose information relevant to this investigation. I release from liability all persons, companies, and government or other agencies disclosing such information. 

The background report(s) will be obtained from:      

949 Shady Grove, SUITE 401 
MEMPHIS, TN 38120 
(800) 311 – 6075

 I certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct.  I release and indemnify ActiveTracks and Spreading Sunshine against  any liability that might result from conducting such background checks.  

By typing your name, you are creating an electronic signature to authorize Spreading Sunshine to run a background check