Make a change. Be the Change

Join our 21-day challenge and spread joy while making a change in your life!

As we hunker down at home, this is a great time to take action in our own lives. To look for ways to make positive changes.

We invite you to take our 21-day challenge. Think about something you want to do or accomplish in the next 21 days.

To give yourself extra incentive, pledge a specific amount of money per day of the challenge (.50, $1, $2) to donate to Spreading Sunshine at the end of your challenge.

What would you like to do over the next 21 days? 

✔️ Learn something new.
✔️ Call a friend every day.
✔️ Clean out your garage or attic.

✔️ Read a book of the Bible
✔️ Start a new habit.
✔️Cook a new recipe every day

Whether your change is spiritual, physical, emotional, or vocational, we can all think of one change we’d like to make. 

How does this help families?

By giving to Spreading Sunshine, you are helping seYour donations help provide meals to parents whose children are in the hospitalWe’re glad you asked. At the beginning of your 21 day challenge, pledge a certain amount of money every day of the challenge. For 21 days, be diligent to complete your challenge. At the end of your 21 days, donate your pledged amount to Spreading Sunshine

To join the challenge: 

  1. Register for the 21-day challenge.
  2. We’ll send you all the things you need to know. 
  3. Decide what you want to do and DO IT. 
  4. When you finish your challenge, make a donation to Spreading Sunshine 

How cool is that?

You can make a change and BE THE CHANGE for families who are most vulnerable during this crisis. Your donations help send Sunshine Boxes (care packages) to children and caregivers, provide meals to parents whose children are in the hospital, and provide families the spiritual and emotional support they need.

Who can participate? Anyone and everyone! Take the challenge as a family, as a work team, or as a small group. 

Let’s BE THE CHANGE together!