Arden’s Story

written by Heather, a mom in our Sunshine Community
As a mother, you always want to give your children the world. Being a special needs parent, I strive not only to give my daughter Arden the best, but I also try my best to give her every opportunity to feel included – to feel special. One day I stumbled upon a post on Facebook in a support group that I am a part of. In this particular post it mentioned that their child received this amazing “sunshine box” and how happy it made her child. Curious, I went to the “Sunshine Box Project” as it was then called to see what it was all about. I instantly loved what I was reading and the positivity of this organization. I signed Arden up to receive a Sunshine Box.
Soon a box showed up at our door. It was Arden’s Sunshine Box. I helped her open it as she needs assistance and everything inside was absolutely perfect! She was smiling from ear to ear and you could tell she felt special – important. In that moment, as a mother my heart melted and I was hooked on what a small gesture could do to someone’s spirit.
All you need is one person to spark that inspiration and from there on its contagious. I can’t thank “Spreading Sunshine” (what they are now named) enough for starting this initiative. Life can definitely be tough. It can be hard and scary in the realm of having a child that is special needs and/or medically fragile. To have something so simple and easy to do bring so much love and happiness to these amazing children is one of the greatest gifts a parent can receive.
Kindness is contagious.
Why not join something that is actually doing good in this crazy world? I can’t recommend it enough and I can guarantee that your life will never be the same. Whether you choose to be a sponsor for a child or you are a parent and see your child’s face light up when their box arrives, to the possibility for an extended support system and friendship to form – you can’t go wrong!
D.M. Dellinger said it best, “You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own…” so be the change you wish to see in the world because there’s no day like today!”
You can help bring a smile to a child’s face. Donate today!

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