Are You Ready To Spark Joy in the Lives of 500 Hospitalized Children?

Spark Joy

When three year old Aidan received his cancer diagnosis, he wasn’t able to understand the significance of the trial he was facing. All he knew was that he was sick and stuck in a hospital bed until he was well enough to return home. Our hearts break when we hear stories of Aidan and countless other children who face a life-threatening diagnosis and other life-altering illnesses. When these stories segue with ours, it’s only human to feel the injustice of it all and wonder how you can help. 

The truth is that, while we can’t cure cancer or eliminate the pain these sweet children and their families face, we actually CAN do something to help. 

Spreading Sunshine sparks joy in the lives of children facing medical difficulties by providing age appropriate care packages in the form of what we lovingly refer to as Sunshine Boxes. A Sunshine Box can include gifts, treats, and other happy surprises to brighten a hospitalized child’s day. 

For the next several weeks, Spreading Sunshine is on a mission to raise funds to send 500 Sunshine Boxes to pediatric patients in Memphis and across the United States.  We created the 5Box Challenge to make it easy for anyone touched by childhood illness to practically serve these precious little children who are facing big trials. 

RaeAnn loved her Sunshine Box and it kept her busy during a hospital stay.

$250 provides FIVE Sunshine Boxes. This is so easy. Gather your friends, neighbors, co-workers, scout troops, church groups, and take the 5Box Challenge! You can DIY your own unique mini-fundraiser, host an event, orchestrate a coin drive, or simply post a social media status update indicating that you’re raising $250 to Spread Sunshine to hospitalized children and their families. When you accept the challenge, we provide you with everything you need to complete your part of the mission. 

It may seem like just a box of treats, but for these kids and their families, it’s a box of hope. Knowing that they matter to God and to people who they’ve never met gives them hope and fuels their courage to fight their battles. Help us Spread Sunshine to 500 more children and take the 5Box Challenge today! 

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