Be Kind Always

Be Kind Always!

As Spreading Sunshine continues to grow and develop as a nonprofit, we are thankful for churches, businesses, schools and individuals who give to help spread hope and kindness to families whose children are medically fragile. Our founder, Abigail shares the story of how she connected with The Blue Envelope.

“A few months ago I began following Henry – Life with Hop. I couldn’t resist his smile, glasses, curly blond hair, and his clothes! Seriously, this boy has the best clothes. I love tees that share a message, and one day Henry was sporting a tee that I knew David had to have. The message was simple but powerful, “Be Kind Always.”

I sent a quick message to Henry’s mom asking about the shirt. She sent me over to The Blue Envelope, and I couldn’t decide on any one shirt, so I purchased 5! Yes, the company and it’s apparel is that awesome! I sent Amanda, the owner, a quick note telling her how much I appreciated the messages of her clothing. Amanda and I messaged back and forth for a few days, and I shared our story of David and Spreading Sunshine.

With absolutely no hesitation she donated 5 shirts for Spreading Sunshine to giveaway and a portion of The Blue Envelope’s March sales to our organization. I was so humbled by her kindness and generosity. Spreading Sunshine depends upon financial assistance from others, it is vital in our efforts to help minister to hurting families.

Thank you to The Blue Envelope for sharing the reminder of kindness both in your store and in your actions.

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