It’s Easy to Spread Joy!

At Spreading Sunshine we want to show love to families whose child faces medical challenges. We are thankful for the Mom2Mom group at New Hope Christian Church in Bartlett, TN for inviting us to come and share about our ministry. They did a great job putting together sunshine bags for parents whose child is in the hospital.

We loved getting to know these moms! They were so full of joy and wanted to put their faith into action. Many shared with us their own personal stories of health challenges. One mom introduced herself and made such a powerful statement “I am that mom you shared about. My son has medical challenges and we spend so much time in the hospital. Also, my daughter has been recently diagnosed with the same illness as my son. I get it. What you are doing makes a real difference” 

The absolute biggest blessing was when we closed out the night and Tasha, one of the leaders, invited us to get on our knees to pray for the families we serve.

We need more groups to join with us to help. Let us know if you are interested in learning how you can help give joy.