Expressions of Love

written by Louis Sacran

How do you tend to express love? I don’t know about you, but I find the love expressed in Psalm 139 to be very comforting and yet very convicting.

How often does the business of life, or my preoccupation with myself, keep me from taking a genuine interest in others? Do I tend to be present not just in body, but in giving someone my full attention? Am I thoughtful of others and willing to invest in their lives in a genuine way? While I’m not sure how you answered those questions, I know I can grow in these areas.

Psalm 139 gives us a beautiful, multidimensional picture of God’s love toward His children. As David writes, he is obviously moved by the reality that the God who inhabits eternity notices and loves him.

If you read the Psalm, you may be surprised to see that the word “love” never shows up. However, David is writing about a God who loves him and loves us deeply. God’s love for us is manifest in that He is interested in us (vs 1); He knows us (vs 1); He understands us (vs 2); He is acquainted with our circumstances (vs 3); He is involved with us (vs 5); He is present with us (7); and He is thoughtful of us (vs 17-18).

It’s very common to feel alone, misunderstood and forgotten in our personal struggles and trials. In a very sweet and personal way, God reminds us that we are not.

Our hope at Spreading Sunshine, is that we can grow in embodying these expressions of love toward families and children who are suffering with disabilities and disease. Thank you for desiring to grow with us and share love with these families.

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