How Your Support Gives Rest to our Families

As the new year begins, we are exciting about opportunities to serve new families through the Year of Sunshine. We began serving Jessica and Hunter last year, and now we’re excited to welcome them into the Year of Sunshine. Each month they’ll receive encouragement and hope through intentional relationships and monthly mailings that include Sunshine Boxes, cards, and meal gift cards.

Giving Hope

Jessica’s son, Hunter, was born with a serious illness, and he has been in and out of the hospital since his birth. He is currently in palliative care. Like many of our Sunshine Families, Jessica has found caring for a critically ill child to be a very lonely and dark place, especially during the pandemic. It’s taken an emotional toll on her. That’s why the social workers at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital asked Spreading Sunshine if we could serve Jessica and Hunter.

As our first step in walking side by side with this family, we sent a Sunshine Box, a cheerful care package, to Hunter.

Providing Rest

But we wanted to do more for Hunter and his mom, Jessica. This medical mom needed rest. She needed a break. Our family care team, who helps meet practical needs for families, began planning something special for Jessica.

In November, we were able to provide a retreat for this sweet lady at a beautiful lake house. Volunteers added special touches for her arrival including a welcome basket packed with goodies and a kitchen stocked with delicious, prepared meals.

[The retreat] was amazing. I had no worries and everything was perfect.

Jessica, Sunshine Mom

Afterwards, she told us, “It was great! My favorite part was reading while listening to the lake and playing pool all night. It was amazing. I had no worries and everything was perfect.”

Sending Encouragement

And now as we move into 2022, through the Year of Sunshine we will continue to walk with Jessica as she faces Hunter’s serious health issues. Our hope is that Jessica will feel loved and supported in this difficult journey.

There’s still time to support a family like Hunter and Jessica! Click on the button below to learn more about becoming a Year of Sunshine sponsor.