Letter from Abby, Founder of Spreading Sunshine

Dear Spreading Sunshine Community,

Spreading Sunshine turns two years old in July, and I reflect upon our journey with wonder, joy and thanksgiving as I view the landscape of where we are today. How did that first Sunshine Box sent from our family turn into a non-profit organization that continues in its efforts to spread joy and happiness to families all over the world?  

Without a shadow of a doubt, the success and growth of Spreading Sunshine is all of the Lord. He has directed and lead in every way, and I praise Him for this opportunity of service. Two years ago when that first Sunshine box was shipped to a young girl waiting on open heart surgery, a small seed was planted. God watered that seed and has continued to water and move in the hearts of individuals to help and minister to others.

A few months after Spreading Sunshine began, I was interviewed for a podcast. The host asked, “Where do you see Spreading Sunshine in a few years?” I stumbled around and said something about how I hoped that we would continue to send boxes and how maybe one day we could have a Spreading Sunshine event reuniting donors with recipients. At that time, I hadn’t really thought about the future and potential outreach of Spreading Sunshine. It was just one box at a time, and I was grateful for that.  But today, two years later, I contemplate my answer and smile nostalgically, humbly, gratefully . I am humbled; Spreading Sunshine is so much more than I ever imagined, and the future is full of possibilities to serve families who are in need of hope and encouragement.

In addition to the 2,000+ boxes sent to medically fragile children in the past two years, Spreading Sunshine has also been privileged, with the financial help of donors and contributors, to provide meals and holiday boxes to inpatient hospital families, to send gas cards to those who travel long distances to the closest children’s hospitals, to establish a locket ministry that provides necklaces to all of our mothers who experience the loss of a child, to provide Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts, to contribute financial gifts to some of our children who need special bikes or wheelchairs, and to donate care bags containing hospital friendly items. We are currently providing bags to the FedEx Family House in Memphis. The FedEx Family House provides housing to families who have children at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. These bags are a small token of hope, love and encouragement for those families who suffer alongside their loved ones receiving medical attention at LeBonheur.

Spreading Sunshine recently received the following email:  “On Mother’s Day this year our family was in the FedEx House of Memphis while our two year old grandson was recovering from the removal of a brain tumor. It was a ray of sunshine and a hug from our Lord to have the gift bag given to us. I wanted to thank you and your organization for being the hands and feet of Jesus as we walked with Him through this time. Jett is expected to make a full recovery. We praise God that He has walked with us the whole way.”  This was a refreshing reminder (along with many other expressed words of love and thanksgiving) to not be weary in well doing, but to serve and serve well. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals who have contributed to Spreading Sunshine over the past two years and who have served families well. 

One of our future Spreading Sunshine aspirations is to begin serving meals at the FedEx House and also to specific floors at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. Because of our own personal experience with David, my heart is drawn towards hospital care and ministry. I understand the significance of a meal provided or a bag given that contains simple items…a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, a roll of quarters. These are tangible ways to serve, tangible ways to be the hands of feet of Jesus. We also dream of serving at children’s hospitals across the country through Spreading Sunshine chapters.

As we face the future and as our Spreading Sunshine family grows, so does our desire to be more efficient and more aware of the needs of our families. It can be very difficult and challenging to serve such a large group of families; but with guidance, committed volunteers and donors, we know this can be achieved.  

We will need your help as we work to implement a strong structural foundation for Spreading Sunshine as a non-profit. As our work continues, we ask that you PRAY for God’s guidance and provision of resources. It is our desire to be diligent stewards of our finances, loving in our work serving families and joyful in our responsibility. In the next few weeks, I will be sharing ways you can GIVE and VOLUNTEER to help us be a light to hurting families.

We know and trust God will be faithful to provide for all our needs as we look to the future.


Abigail Sacran, Founder of Spreading Sunshine

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