LOVE is sunshine for your soul

sunshine for your soul

written by Diane, Executive Director, Spreading Sunshine

Overwhelmed. Anxious. Heavy-hearted. Fearful. Confused. Grieving. Alone.

These words describe how I’ve felt over the past several weeks. As I have talked with many in our Sunshine community, they are feeling some of the same emotions. And yet, in the midst of crisis and conflict, other words are rising to the surface in my heart and these conversations.

Hope. Love. Faith. Kindness. Compassion. Empathy. Unity. Grace.

Our Sunshine staff and board have been praying for our community — for the families we serve, our volunteers, our donors and community partners. In the midst of these difficult times, our prayer is you would be inspired and encouraged.

You are not alone! 

During the month of June our focus will be sharing ways to bring a little “Sunshine to your Soul.” We want you to feel renewed and refreshed. We want you to take care of yourself spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

How do you take care of yourself? What are some things you enjoy doing? What keeps you from feeling overwhelmed? 

I enjoy walking early in the morning or in the evening. Last week, when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, I went for a walk  at sunrise. As the sun reflected on the water, I felt hope rising. My prayer is that my life and our community would be a reflection of the glory of Christ, our bright Morning Sun. 

Stacy, one of our Spreading Sunshine volunteers shared this quote with me recently:

“Love is sunshine for your soul.” 

What can we do to bring sunshine to our soul? 

Love God.
Love others.
Love yourself. 

In our next blog, I’ll be introducing Mindy, a mom in our Year of Sunshine program. She’ll be sharing how she Walks by Faith in the Difficult Times. Click here to receive updates from Spreading Sunshine, so you don’t miss it.