Moms, battling childhood illness, you are seen and not alone.


written by Mechon, a warrior mom who recently battled cancer and whose daughter who was diagnosed with brain cancer at six weeks of age. Both Mechon and her daughter (six years old) are cancer free.

To All Mothers of Critically-Ill Children

I see you. I saw that moment you fought that tear and gathered all the strength that you have as you listen to your child’s diagnosis. I saw that moment you look away for a brief second to gather all the energy in the room as your little one is being poked to find that good vein to draw blood from. I saw you taking the breath of relief after a procedure that requires your child to be pinned down by 2 medical professionals. I then saw you praying to God for a miracle.

I saw you forcing a smile when somebody asked you, “How are you?”. You replied all is well but I saw you bite your lower lip to stop yourself from breaking down. I saw you starring at the wall in the Waiting Room – I know that you are wondering and worrying about your other child at home. I saw you mentally remembering all the scheduled medication and wonder where are you gonna source out the co-pay. I saw you playing Candy Crush while your kid is asleep, occasionally pausing to stare at her. You then bent over and kiss her forehead after saying “Pls fight, my darling.” I saw that.

I also saw you lit up when a friend sent message of encouragement. I saw that grateful smile when a family called and prayed for you. I saw that spirit of yours, despite the confusion and the fatigue, is filled with hope and energy. I saw that relentlessness, that determination and that immeasurable love for your child. I saw your passion, your misery, your doubts, your fears. I saw them all.

My name is Mimi’s Momma and I am here to tell you that it soon shall pass. The pain and confusion you are feeling right now will leave a scar that can turn into wisdom and compassion. It will be a powerful weapon as you battle through life. Please know that you are not alone, there are many of us who see you. Everything that you do for your child will never be in vain. We have a sorority of strong-willed mothers, the child of one is the child of all.

Thank you for all the battles you fought, for the unconditional love and for the many sleepless nights you spend taking care of your kid.

How can we be praying for you?