“Talk to Me”


written by Wanda, a mom in our Spreading Sunshine community 

Please don’t be afraid to talk to me. I would love to know that you care.
I may not look you in your eyes, but I still know that you’re there.
I sometimes get upset when you get too close or whenever I’m in a crowd.
It even hurts my ears and I might cry when music is too loud.
I don’t like change, it bothers me.
I need things to stay the same.
I may not understand what you are telling me, but…
I do recognize my name.
I don’t see your color or even understand hate. I see everyone the same.
I like to play by myself and with the same few toys.
I can’t handle playing with other girls and boys.
If you see me cry, I’ll be okay.
Things will be better another day.
I have Autism and that makes me different, but I still love big, just the same as you
So please accept me and talk to me.
And help me make it through.
I’m not sure what my tomorrow holds, or any other day?
But I will be fine because one thing that I know…

This month is Autism Awareness month and we want to lift our voices to help raise awareness. Many children in our sunshine community have autism in addition to the medical challenges they face. Thank you, Wanda, for sharing these thoughts with us and for sharing this beautiful picture of Tookie.

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