Walk by Faith in the Difficult Times

Our Sunshine community is overflowing with incredible people, and it is our JOY to walk with families. 

I’d like to introduce you to Mindy, one of the moms in our Year of Sunshine program. I had the privilege of meeting her and her daughter, Faith, when they were in Memphis for Faith’s treatment. Faith is ten years old and was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma on September 9, 2019.

As you read her story, I hope you are encouraged. I hope you are inspired to stand firm, even when your days are difficult. I hope you will be renewed and refreshed. I hope you will say a prayer for Faith and her family.

Walk by Faith in the Difficult Times 

written by Mindy

I feel as though we are sitting still. That the world is turning around us but no one sees us, no one hears us. It’s as if we are in a bubble or underwater trying to yell out but no one can hear us. I don’t know if it’s because we are nearing the end of treatment or if it’s the craziness of the world we have found ourselves living in because of cancer and then again because of COVID.

When you are told your child has cancer, you put on the armor of God, pick up your sword and fight with everything you have within you. It’s the ONLY choice. There is no other way. 

Then the world shuts down and you are living another “new normal,” except it’s almost identical to the first “new normal” you were thrown into for the last 9 months with a bunch of added layers of fear! Talk about feeling crazy! Your sword has been knocked out of your hand, and every single time you go to pick it up you are knocked down again, and again, and again.

This is the life of cancer. Maybe not for all, but for us. It’s been the hardest journey we have gone through and will forever be going through. I told my sweet friend the other day that it’s SO much at times. But make NO mistake. It is NEVER TOO MUCH. We will always fight for her. 

We have some days that are HARD, and we need to cry or just flat let our frustrations out! But once I’ve done that, I pick that sword back up for Faith and myself. I’ve always said “I’ve got this” and I HAVE GOT THIS! 

We have the Lord on our side, and He has proven faithful. He has walked alongside Faith and held her precious hand each and every step of the way. Satan is defeated and cannot steal this Mama’s JOY!