The Ramirez Family

Hi, my name is Leticia. For the past several months I’ve been volunteering with Spreading Sunshine and helping serve families whose children have pediatric illnesses. This is such an important and personal ministry for me because my daughter, Arianna, battled cancer for many years and lost her battle eight years ago on March 21. 

It is a gift to be part of Team Sunshine and serve weekly. I love visiting families in their homes, hugging them, and letting them know I understand. Serving with Spreading Sunshine is also helping me heal. 

Recently I met a Sunshine mom who had lost her son just a few weeks earlier. My heart was broken when I met Pamela. She shared her story and a few of her struggles. I could definitely relate. She shared some things that are weighing on her heart, including not having the funds to purchase a headstone for their son, Mario.

For the past eight years, we’ve celebrated her birthday by doing Eight acts of kindness. This year one of our acts is wanting to pour into this sweet family and is asking our friends and family to join us. We are asking for you to give to Spreading Sunshine to help purchase a headstone for Mario and help provide love, support, and resources to this grieving family and so many other families. 

Celebrating Arianna - 8 Acts of Kindness

Every year on April 8 Arianna’s family invites friends and family to join them in celebrating Arianna’s birthday with them by performing 8 random acts of kindness. This year they are celebrating her 16th birthday. Learn more of her story

Would you join us in spreading Arianna’s kind spirit, love, and kindness?  On April 8, commit to doing random acts of kindness? Kindness is a great way to shed a #RaeOfSunshine by making someone’s day brighter and hopefully put a smile on someone’s face.  After you complete your acts of kindness share your acts of kindness on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can use the hashtags #SpreadingSunshine #RaeOfSunshine and #RaeOfHope.