Family Need – Replace flooring

Meet Micah’s family. They moved to Memphis from Tampa, Florida so their son could receive treatment for adrenal cancer. They moved in the midst of COVID and in the past year Micah was in the hospital 120 days. As you can imagine the past year has been quite stressful for this family.

The family has a specific need to replace the flooring in a portion of their home and we have been working connect them with local businesses to get estimates for new flooring. Our staff and volunteers are thankful to be working with Micah and his family during their cancer journey and hope by sharing their story this need can be met.

Micah’s mom, Heather, shares what happened and why they need new flooring.

“For me the week of the scans I’m functioning in full 8 (enneagram). My husband Bobby is a nervous wreck. After the scans he’s happy and refreshed and then I crumble. Two days after the scans are brutal. I clean everything. I clean from the moment I wake up until bedtime. I just need everything around me perfect. It’s bizarre.

So this time I walk upstairs on a mission to clean. I stepped in dog pee on the carpet. It’s old carpet. The previous owners had dogs. It’s gross. I guess to a normal person it’s not as bad as it is to me. Old nasty carpet and germs are poison to an anxiety filled oncology Mom.

So I let the PTSD take full effect and literally ripped up all of the carpet upstairs. On my own. I dragged it downstairs and outside. Bobby was with Micah at IVC. Then I stopped and cried. I cried because I was afraid of carpet. I cried because I just ripped up all of the carpet. I cried because it felt good. I cried because we don’t have money for new flooring.

These are the moments when the diagnosis is very real. I came to my senses and realized like a grown man I just ripped up all of the carpet because at some point in my mind it was going to make Micah sick. Then I called Bobby. He wasn’t thrilled at all but I felt better, but I also realized it wasn’t very sensible but I didn’t care. It was done. ”

If you would like to help meet this need, you can give online by clicking the button below. Please note the gift is in honor of Micah and leave any message you’d like to share with the family. You can also mail a check to Spreading Sunshine, 825 Timber Creek Drive, Suite 102, Cordova, TN 38018