Help Ty’s Family Travel to Memphis

This is Ty. Three years ago he was sent home from St. Jude on hospice and told there was nothing more they could do for him. They did not expect him to live longer than a few weeks. His family prayed without ceasing. His mother, Sunshine, spent hours researching nutritional supplements and alternative treatments. Thankfully, he is still alive today. He has physical challenges and often has seizures which result in being hospitalized. For three years now, they’ve regularly made the visits back to Memphis for scans. The doctors describe his case as a miracle, with no medical explanation. (To God be the GLORY!)

Ty’s family was one of the first families who received a Sunshine Box from Spreading Sunshine. Because they were in Memphis, we were able to personally deliver Sunshine Boxes to Ty, his siblings and even give his parents a little sunshine too.

In mid-February, Ty and his family will travel from Florida to Memphis for their regular visit. Because of the size of their family, they cannot stay in the free housing. They would like to stay together and travel as a family.  Spreading Sunshine would like to surprise them and help defray the cost of their trip.  Right now we have the financial capacity to provide them a gas card, but would like to do more, so we are asking for your help.

It’s estimated this trip will cost $1550

Lodging – $150 x 4 = $600
Vehicle rental – $400
Gas = $250
Meals while traveling = $300

Would you help us encourage this family and lavish God’s love on them? 100% of the money raised will go toward covering travel expenses for Ty’s family . Anything raised above what they need will go into the Spreading Sunshine general fund to help other families.

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