The Ramirez Family

Help us serve Heela’s family.

Heela’s family are refugees from Afghanistan. They moved here in 2019 right before the beginning of Covid. Shortly after, Heela started having some difficulties that needed medical attention. By the time they found a doctor that would see them, she had already lost her ability to walk and talk.

Their greatest need is financial. The mom, Nazia’s job was eliminated in December of 2022. She is continuing to look for a legitimate work-from-home job so that she can be Heela’s caretaker. Nazia is doing everything she can to help Heela not lose muscle tone in her legs – so they exercise and stand her up regularly during the day.

Because Nazia lost her job, they had to reschedule her yearly appointment with the specialist she sees. Heela has an older sister and a younger brother. They are given airline tickets for the parents and Heela but not for the older sister or the younger brother. And, they have no one who can keep the younger siblings.

By giving financially, you will help provide financial, practical, and emotional support to Heela’s family. You will be helping meet these specific financial needs. 

  • Travel expenses for her yearly appointment with her medical team of specialists in Pennsylvania. ($1500).  
  • Monthly shipping medicine that is uniquely made her Heela in Pennsylvania by her medical team. ($600 monthly). 
  • Housing grant to help cover rent and utilities as Heela’s mom searches for work. ($2000)

Please join our mission to show God’s love and shine His light to Heela’s family!