Thank you for Spreading Love for Valentine’s Day 

You will be making cards for families in the Spreading Sunshine Community, including those who will spend the holiday at the hospital. 

Supplies Needed:

Construction paper, scissors, markers, paint, and any “extra” things you would like to add (glitter, stickers, etc.). 

Helpful Tips:

    • You are making generic cards, so no name is needed.
    • Cards do not need to be in an envelope.
    • DO NOT write phrases like “Get Well Soon” or “Feel Better Soon” – many of our Sunshine Kids are battling chronic illnesses and will never be fully cured. Valentine cards will also be given to siblings.
    • DO write happy encouragements, like “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “You are special!” or “Spreading Sunshine is praying for you!”
    • Be creative and artistic!
    • We need BOY Valentines and GIRL Valentines for all ages.

Return cards to Spreading Sunshine: 

Mail or drop off cards to the Spreading Sunshine office by February 2, 2023

Spreading Sunshine
825 Timbercreek Drive, Suite 102
Cordova, TN 38018 

Office hours, Tuesday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Questions? Email Alex Maddux, [email protected]