The Ramirez Family

This is a big year for Josiah! He will turn 18 in July and have his last St. Jude visit in August. I want to do something to celebrate these milestones. I can’t think of a better way than to bring joy to others who are walking the journey of a critical or chronic illness.

We were so blessed in this way during Josiah’s treatment. His favorite thing to do during treatment was to go to the mailroom to see if someone sent him a card or a package or get a treasure from the treasure box after treatment. On a really hard day, these were the one bright spot. When walking through hard things, even the smallest surprise, gift, or note can bring a smile. Collecting items for the July boxes that Spreading Sunshine will be mailing out to families is the perfect way to celebrate God’s overwhelming care for us and be a blessing to someone else.

There are two ways you can help! Either purchase an item on the wish list or make a donation to cover the cost of an item. It’s so easy! 

Thank you! 


We’ve chosen a few of our favorite things from Spreading Sunshine’s wish list! The light-up Pop It tubes look like so much fun. The Find and Seek game will be fun for the whole family. My boys would LOVE the punching balloons. And the Emoji Water Blasters will be a perfect cooldown for the summer heat. Click on the Wish List and pick one of these items from the list. Spreading Sunshine needs the items by JUNE 23. Thanks again for helping spread a little sunshine to families impacted by pediatric illness.