Sunshine Box Sponsor Application

Abigail Sacran, Rebekah Sacran, Shalon Smith, and Alison Bremer are the admins of the group. Please message us with any questions.

1.   If you join this group you must be either a sponsor or the parent of a child receiving a Sunshine Box.

2.   If you add friends and family to this group, they will be approved only if they are sponsoring/receiving a box.

3.   All requests for sponsors or receivers must be sent via a message to one of the above-mentioned admins.

4.   You may direct friends and family to like the Spreading Sunshine-David Sacran Facebook page if they would like to follow without sponsoring/receiving. (Of course we would love to see EVERYONE like this page either way!)

5.   When you sponsor a box you will receive a picture, address, and interests of the child. If a parent privately messages a sponsor with specific ideas, it is left to the sponsor’s discretion as to whether they will choose to follow. Remember, we want to send surprises to these children. Just giving some ideas as to what they like will allow the sponsor to put their own thoughts and personal touches to the Box.

6.   If you would like to nominate a child, we are asking that it be a child (or young adult) who is in the hospital, who has been very sick, has surgery or procedures coming up, etc.

a.   The parent/caretaker of the child MUST message privately one of the above admins in order to get their child added.

b.   The acceptance of the child to the list is at the discretion of the admins.

7.   If you sponsor a Box, we need a response to our initial message within 48 hours. If you do not respond within 48 hours, we move on to the next person.  Your name will remain on the waiting list.

8.   We ask that all Boxes be shipped within two weeks. We don’t like to see these children wait too long. If this cannot happen, we ask you to hold off on sponsoring until you are able to follow this timeframe.

9.   If you are matched with a child and do not get the box shipped within the two-week window, we will be contacting you. If you do not respond to our message within 24 hours, you will be removed from the group. We love everyone’s help and willingness in this program. However, when sponsors don’t follow through, it causes the child to wait and takes a lot more of our time to figure things out. It simply will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove people from the group as we see fit.

10.   Siblings—We love to put some Sunshine in their lives, too! We leave it up to the sponsor as to whether or not they want to include them.

a.   If we have a request for siblings, under certain circumstances we may post a request in the group for a separate sponsor for the siblings.

You must read and agree to these guidelines before we proceed. We will not proceed until we have received this from you. Thanks!