We had the honor to be a sunshine sponsor to a very special kid named Erik. My boys and I loved shopping for special things to put in the box. My son and I both painted nature pictures to put in the box as well. We packed it and shipped it off. It was awesome hearing how much it meant when it arrived. We are getting ready to send another one for our sunshine buddy’s birthday. It was a teaching moment for my boys and they soaked it in. We got just as much of a blessing by being a sponsor as our buddy did in getting the box. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The Spreading Sunshine program has been an amazing addition to my son’s life. When the sunshine box is delivered, Oakley is squealing with excitement! He goes through so much and it’s so nice for him to receive a box that contains gifts and treats just for him.


It doesn’t stop there. He receives so much more than just the gifts. The support from other parents going through similar things is a big help because they understand how you are feeling as a parent of a child with medical issues.

Madeline has one of the BEST sunshine sponsors EVER! Our sponsor, Katie, has been SO AMAZING and SO SUPPORTIVE of my sweet girl.

Tookie’s sunshine buddy sends sunshine when her clouds are the darkest.

This project has absolutely changed my life. My beautiful buddies are forever a part of my heart. We have had the amazing and beautiful experience of receiving a box from Helen and her wonderful family, then sponsoring two boxes, then starting our own family project here at home.


Helen brought sunshine into our life when my son was just beginning his medical journey. She not only blessed us with material gifts but the gift of friendship with a momma who “gets it.” It inspired me to sponsor a box, which brought Heather and her sweet beautiful babies into my life. Putting their sunshine together was so exciting and I’m so grateful for the experience, but again, Heather’s friendship has been the biggest blessing of all. In a world where she and I probably never would have met, we were brought together and she is amazing. We share a bond that only mothers who have been through medical trials can share. She knows my heart, my fears, and she shares in my successes. We’ve shed tears for each others’ babies, and we keep each other and our families in our prayers as we watch God’s plan unfold. I feel blessed to know her.


I then was thrilled to help sponsor a box for Heather and sweet Parker. They inspire me daily to remember God’s goodness and miraculous deeds and to cherish each breath and moment with those I love. Heather is an amazing inspiration and example of extreme strength and hope. I’m blessed to know her as well and be a part of Parker’s amazing life.


In all of this, the sunshine project has inspired me to do my part here at home. I’ve started my own project and am blessed to be spreading a little sunshine to moms of inpatient kiddos in the city where I live. While I know the project blesses these moms, it really gives me so much. I am so grateful for the friendships and support community that is growing through the efforts behind each gift that is given. Abigail, you have changed my life for the better and I could never thank you enough!

This group and Kameron’s sweet sunshine sponsor, Casey, has been such a blessing to our entire family! She has sent Kameron some very special things. She also thought of Kameron’s older brother Kolby on his birthday and surprised him with a sunshine box which also included a keepsake for me. Even through the gifts were all greatly appreciated and very much loved, the friendship we have formed and the many prayers sent our way have meant more than I could ever express in words. On some of our worst days, it helps so much knowing that you have someone praying for your child and also his family, because when your child is sick and hurting you can’t help but hurt with them. I enjoy being able to send updates on the things Kameron is doing, especially on the really good days or when he learns or does something new. I am also thankful that she shares with me things about her family. Every night when my oldest says his bedtime prayers, he always includes all of Kameron’s buddies. He doesn’t see them or think of them as strangers, but just friends we have never met. I really hope one day we will be able to meet in person.


We love our sweet boy’s sunshine buddy and her family! Thank you so much for being Kameron’s sponsor and also to all the administrators who devote so many hours keeping this group running so smoothly!

My son Noah has the best sunshine sponsor anyone could have in Anji. Her sunshine box came at a wonderful time to make him smile. She has talked with me and helped me deal with things that have happened. Our buddy is an extended family member Noah has come to care deeply for. We love the group and our buddy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sponsor or a buddy, we have all discovered a family here, a shoulder to cry on, a smile when we are down, a hug when we need it, and a simple “we care about you.”


This group is so much more than just sponsoring or being a buddy; it’s being with those who understand what you’re dealing with and have your back.

My journey of being a sunshine sponsor started back in November and I had no idea how life changing it would be! My first buddy was Mia and we fell in love instantly. We then got matched with Atiya and Mason! I then involved my fourth-grade students and was matched with Scott and Quintyn. All of my buddies are my heroes, especially their families.


This project brings people together through love and support. My three-year-old daughter and I have met Atiya at her birthday party, and we are getting ready to fly out to meet Mia!!! Our goal is to meet all of our buddies because it would be a gift for us to see such strength in person. Love this project!

This project has brought an amazing family into our lives. We always joke that even though Kaylie was matched with my kids, she really was matched to me. She’s been my strength when I had none and has an open ear to listen to me and never judge the crazy things I may say when sleep deprived in the hospital with Evie. She just “gets it” and gets our family. We have so much in common and I have this project to thank for bringing her into our lives.


Here is a picture of my kids opening their sunshine boxes. It’s been almost a year since we were matched and, my! what a year it has been! Love you, Kaylie!!

I truly have the most amazing five little sunshine buddies anyone could ever have. I stay in touch with each and every one of them. One mom especially is always contacting me asking me how I am doing and that is very important. I am very supportive of all my buddies.