Send Sunshine Boxes

Sending a Sunshine Box, a bright and cheerful care package, is an easy way to show love to a child.

Sunshine Boxes are customized for each child to brighten their day. By sending a Sunshine Box, you can give JOY to a child impacted by chronic illness or special needs. It’s easy!

Donate $50 to sponsor a box and choose to send it to a child you know or a child in the Spreading Sunshine community.

Year of Sunshine

Our Year of Sunshine is designed to show love to the whole family through monthly mailings.

When a child has a serious illness, everyone in the family is affected. We designed theYear of Sunshine program to give families monthly support through gifts and intentional relationships. Year of Sunshine families receive:

  • A one-on-one relationship with a Spreading Sunshine Care Coordinator.
  • Monthly mailings to the family’s home or the hospital.
  • Emotional and spiritual support through prayer and presence.

One Year of Sunshine mom said, “[Spreading Sunshine] is willing to go above and beyond. Sometimes it’s just a hug. I’ve been very thankful for the friendships that I’ve made. We are also part of the Year of Sunshine right now, and my kids look so forward to what kind of surprise they’re going to get each month. It’s been a blessing for our entire family.”

We hope to provide support and community for as many families as possible, and your gift makes that possible.

Give Monthly

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