The Year of Sunshine – Giving the Gift of Hope Each and Every Month.

The Year of Sunshine provides participating families with a year of support through both gifts and intentional relationships.  Our families are facing childhood cancer, heart surgeries, serious life-threatening genetic diseases, and special needs like Down syndrome. We hope that no family will feel alone when they face endless tests, tiring doctor’s visits, and frequent hospital stays.

As a member of the Year of Sunshine, a family receives monthly mailings that include things like Sunshine Boxes, gift bags, cards, meal gift cards, and gifts for both the child facing a health crisis as well as gifts for the parents and siblings.

Ethan’s Story

Ethan and his family are one of our 2020 Year of Sunshine families. Ethan is twelve years old and has already faced two open heart surgeries. They have faced many long days in the hospital – and will face more in the future. Thanks to the support of donors, Spreading Sunshine was able to provide monthly encouragement to this family in 2020.

Serving Families through Relationships

The Year of Sunshine is so much more than just packages and gifts. It’s about relationships, community and hope. Having a child with special medical needs is a trial no parent should face alone. The Year of Sunshine is a way to intentionally invest in the lives of families. Now more than ever our families are feeling isolated and alone. But a Year of Sunshine can change that.

“My kids look so forward to what kind of surprise they’re going to get each month. It’s been a blessing for our entire family.”

Year of Sunshine mom

One Year of Sunshine mom said, “[Spreading Sunshine] is willing to go above and beyond. Sometimes it’s just a hug. I’ve been very thankful for the friendships that I’ve made. We are also a part of the Year of Sunshine right now, and my kids look so forward to what kind of surprise they’re going to get each month. It’s been a blessing for our entire family.”

We want to make this kind of support and community a reality for as many families as possible, and your gift can make that possible. Your monthly gift will bring a smile to a child’s face, provide encouragement for weary parents, and show siblings they are heroes, too.

A Year of Sunshine: How You Can Help

Sponsor a Family | $35/month (or $420 for the year)

For only $35 a month (or $420 a year) you can provide monthly care and encouragement to a family whose child has a critical or chronic illness. This will include: 

  • A one-on-one relationship between the family and a Spreading Sunshine Care Coordinator.
  • Monthly mailings to the family’s home or to the hospital.
  • Emotional and spiritual support through prayer and presence.

When you sponsor a family, you will receive a short bio on the family, specific ways you can pray for them, and the opportunity to write notes of encouragement that we will provide to the family throughout the year. You will also receive email updates on how your gift is directly impacting families.

Sponsor a Welcome Box for a Family | $80

When a family begins their Year of Sunshine, they will receive a welcome box with gifts for every member of the family. These gifts will include items such as sunshine apparel, sunshine tumblers and fun stickers. Your gift will help send a warm welcome to a family.