4 Ways To Rest in The Lord

written by Diane Smith, Executive Director of Spreading Sunshine

The past few days I’ve been glued to the TV watching the coverage of hurricane Irma.  If you are like me you have friends and family who live in Florida or Georgia and will be impacted by this storm. I’ve found myself growing anxious and worried.  I’ve been praying like crazy, but still feel unsettled in my soul.

There are many storms and struggles in life that cause me to FEEL worried, anxious and fearful; there are many days FEAR holds my heart and soul captive.  The battle inside my heart and my mind is fierce. Maybe you struggle too. Whether you are facing a literal hurricane or facing the loss of a job, the sickness or a child, frustrations at work or home, or maybe you are just tired today.

This morning I read Psalm 9:1-4 and found 4 ways to draw near to the Lord and to rest in Him.

1) Give Thanks to the Lord

2) Recount All The Things God Has Done for You

3) Be Glad and Exult in the Lord

4) Sing Praise to His Name 

What does that look like for me today? Rather than focusing on all of the difficulties and struggles in my life, rather than worrying (which for me is an art form), rather than talking about my fears; I CHOOSE to be thankful to the Lord, to remember all of the ways He has worked in my life, to be joyful in Him.  I’m going to get on Pandora and crank up some of my favorite worship music.  I’m going to head to my church and worship.

What does this look like for your today? How will you REST in the Lord?

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