Make a Difference in a Family’s Life

Spreading Sunshine steps in to support families like Micah’s. When he was diagnosed with cancer, his family moved to Memphis to get the best care for Micah.

It hasn’t been easy. Can you imagine facing something like that away from your community of friends, family, co-workers and church? With donations and the hard work of volunteers, we have provided meals, Sunshine Boxes, and special projects to encourage each family member.

Things are HARD. No money, no community, no school, no church, no friends, but Spreading Sunshine makes me feel loved. Very loved in a lonely place.…My deepest thank you for loving us so deeply.

— Heather, Micah’s mom

Children with illnesses are not alone

We Work with Local Hospitals

We serve families as they walk through great difficulties by providing meals, running errands, helping with children, and other special requests. Social workers and child life specialists from local hospitals contact us when a family has a need.

volunteer - dinner at lebonheur

We Need Your Help

There are so many other families like Micah’s. Family care requests might include providing practical items for a family in need, printing a program for a child’s funeral, or throwing a birthday party for a child on hospice.

We hope to say “yes” to every single request. But we need your help to say YES.

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