Year of Sunshine

A Year of Sunshine: It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

Sunshine Boxes have long served as the first point of contact between Spreading Sunshine and the families we serve. In many ways, Sunshine Boxes are the backbone of our work and what we are known for. In 2020, we want to think outside the (sunshine) box and go deeper with the families we serve.

A Year of Sunshine: More than a Sunshine Box

We are uniting our volunteers, corporate sponsors, and ministry partners under the Year of Sunshine banner by offering our families more than a meal or a single care package. These touch points are important and we will continue serving in these ways as we meet new families, but we want to deepen our walk alongside our Spreading Sunshine families in practical ways throughout the calendar year. We want to offer a Year of Sunshine to an entire family!!

To make this dream a reality, we need individuals and groups to sponsor one or more families to participate in a Year of Sunshine.

A Year of Sunshine: How You Can Help

Sponsor a Family | $35/month (or $420 for the year)

For only $35 a month (or $420 a year) you can provide monthly care and encouragement to a family whose child has a critical or chronic illness. This will include: 

  • One-on-one relationship between that family and a Spreading Sunshine Care Coordinator,
  • Monthly mailings to the family’s home or to the hospital,
  • Emotional and spiritual support through prayer and presence.

When you sponsor a family, you will receive a short bio on the family, specific ways you can pray for them, and the opportunity to write notes of encouragement that we will provide to the family throughout the year. You will also receive email updates to know how your gift is directly impacting families.

Sponsor a Welcome Box for a family | $80

When a family begins their Year of Sunshine, they will receive a welcome box with gifts for every member of the family. These gifts will include items such as sunshine apparel, sunshine tumblers and fun stickers. Your gift is helping send a warm welcome to a family.

A Year of Sunshine: Make a Lifetime Impact on Families in Need 

Having a child with special medical needs is a trial no parent should face alone. Now is the time for this organization to “Spread Sunshine” all year long by intentionally investing in the lives of families. Let’s stand in the gap with the ones giving around-the-clock care and hold them up when they feel like they can’t go on. As they fight for the health and well-being of their children, we can fight with them and FOR them so they know they’re not alone. 

A Year of Sunshine: Join us today!

Meet the McPherson family! They have applied to join our Year of Sunshine. Their daughter Tiffany has Spina Bifida. We hope this family is deeply encouraged in 2020!