Serving Families, Spreading Love

written by Abigail Sacran, Founder of Spreading Sunshine

Spreading Sunshine began when I was in the hospital with my son, David (Sunshine), and saw the needs of families who spent days, weeks and even sometimes months in the hospital with their child. You can read more of our story here. I’m in awe to see how the Sunshine Community has grown. I’m thankful for the leadership of our board and staff, as well as the commitment of our team of volunteers who pour out their hearts to show love to families.

Recently, we received the sweetest note from Amy, a mom who was served breakfast by Spreading Sunshine volunteers while her daughter was inpatient.

“Hi, I wanted to say, ‘thank you’ for the pancake breakfast served at the FeDex Family House this week. I had the privilege of meeting one of your volunteers and we enjoyed a nice talk. Our daughter, Carly, is inpatient right now at LeBonheur. We are from South Carolina and have been traveling to LeBonheur every few months for the last 5 years. I love what you do for so many through ‘Spreading Sunshine’. It’s always nice to connect with others walking a similar journey.

God Bless,


A few days after receiving Amy’s note we were able to serve dinner to her family at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. A special thanks to our Links of Luv student team from Tipton Rosemark Academy for serving and to Moe’s Southwest Grill for sponsoring the meal.  

Spreading Sunshine is able to touch the lives of families like Carly’s because of the generosity of our donors and volunteers. We are currently hosting a Virtual Change Drive to collect funds for our ministry to send Sunshine Boxes and serve meals to parents whose child is in the hospital. Our Change Drive is an easy way for anyone to get involved.  

Over the next few weeks, join us in collecting change! You can start by collecting your own change and by sending your children on a treasure hunt around the house to look for change – in your couch cushions, in your car, your laundry room. Put a change jar at your office, classroom, local shop and see how much change you can collect. Make sure to let your friends and family know what you are doing, they might have some change to contribute as well. Then, the week of March 9th, make a donation to Spreading Sunshine in the amount of the change you’ve collected. So easy!

Register for our Virtual Change Drive and we’ll send you a little more information and a printable image you can use for your collection jar. We hope to have 500 people from all over the country join us!