Riding on Sunshine

A dream trip across the United States to make memories

Embracing Life Now

Marissa is 16 years old and time is running short. Diagnosed with Freidreich’s Ataxia, Marissa and her family know their time together is limited. Her mom, Dawn, decided that now was the time to take a dream road trip with her daughters. 

Why now? “Because tomorrow is not guaranteed,” Dawn said.  “Now, because this only gets harder. Now because it makes my daughter smile. Now because we’ve missed out on so much by putting it off for a time of more money, more stability, greater safety.  Now because NOW is all we have.”

Her doctor told her that she was “nuts.” But Dawn asked, “What is more nuts: sitting here waiting for the kids to get worse, or embracing every opportunity we have to make memories?”

She told us, “I will find a way to use this situation and our journey to bless others, to inspire others, to make a difference NOW.”

Joining the Journey 

Spreading Sunshine is joining this journey with Dawn and her daughters, Marissa and Anneliese, to help them experience this dream and fully embrace life by Riding on Sunshine.

Our Executive Director, Diane Smith will be joining them for part of the trip and helping share their story. 

Riding on Sunshine

Where E’re the Wind Shall Take Us

Riding on Sunshine Map


May 14–June 2 — Kansas City, MO | Nashville, TN | Columbus, GA | Orlando, FL | Myrtle Beach, SC


June 2–June 18 — Williamsburg, VA | Quantico, VA | Bangor, ME | Hershey, PA | Cleveland, OH


June 18–July 5 — San Diego, CA | Los Angeles, CA | San Francisco, CA | Monterey, CA | Eureka, CA | Portland, OR | Seattle, WA

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We Need Your Help

This trip is made possible due to so many amazing people stepping up to help. Spreading Sunshine is working to help fund the trip through donations and connecting the family with donated lodging. Your gift will ensure that this mother and daughter can make memories and embrace every beautiful moment together.


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